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Hours and Times

The Preschool Co-op meets on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Preschool Co-op

What is the Preschool Co-op?

The Preschool Co-op came about when a need to provide high quality, affordable preschool options to our Spanish speaking families was identified.  While it is true that we have two other preschool programs located on our campus, their availability is very limited and in high demand.  Our Community School Coordinator and our Spanish Speaking Facilitator came up with a plan to establish a high quality preschool program focused on our Spanish speaking community at our school.  The hope was to better prepare these young preschoolers to meet kindergarten readiness.  The Preschool Co-op was born. 

The UNM Family Development Program offers training and support to the parents.  The support consists of: Curriculum, Daily Planning, Safety (including First Aid and CPR), Sanitation, Literacy Skills, and Early Childhood Development.  UNM also offers ongoing professional development opportunities throughout the year.  Support and supplies are offered by the two other preschool programs located on our campus (the DPP and CDC).  The kindergarten teachers have provided guidance and direction in what curriculum needs they would like addressed by the Preschool so that these students will be ready for kindergarten as well. 

The program is located in a portable on our campus.  There are currently 14 preschoolers enrolled and they attend class two days a week on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Each parent, who has a preschooler enrolled in the program, is expected to volunteer one day a month in the classroom.  All parents are finger printed and background checked through APS as well as trained by our Spanish Speaking Facilitator, Maria Valqui.  There is a daily curriculum that is followed and while most instruction takes place in their native Spanish language there is also some English instruction as well.  Students are given an opportunity to interact with technology through the use of iPads and other devices.