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Homework Diner

What is Homework Diner?

The Homework Diner involves parents in the school/after school community; engages parents in their child’s academic development; invites communication between home and school; and gives parents support for homework help and ideas they can use at home. 

Albuquerque Public School District dollars are currently being leveraged approximately 5:1, and attendance often exceeds 100 participants (students, siblings of students, parents, teachers, volunteers, etc.).

Byproducts of the Manzano Mesa’s Homework Diner: 

  • More open relationships between teachers and parents; between Spanish and English speaking families
  • More involvement from our Asian community
  • The formation of a Spanish Literacy Adult Education class to help parents in need of greater literacy skills in their native language; an ESL class for parents; and of a parent led English Conversation group
  • Creation of a site specific internship with CNM
  • Children who struggle to complete or understand homework are more successful
  • Middle school siblings bring their homework and are tutored as needed

National Recognition

What began as a 6 week pilot program in the spring of 2012 at Manzano Mesa ES has gained national recognition and spread to other Albuquerque schools.