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Developmental Pre- School
Contact Jessica Archuleta  Jessica Archuleta Developmental Preschool Teacher
Contact Tina Hamby  Tina Hamby Developmental Preschool Teacher
Contact Patricia Yegerlehner  Patricia Yegerlehner Developmental Preschool Teacher
Developmental Pre-School Educational Assistants
Contact Samantha Bench  Samantha Bench Developmental Preschool E.A.
Contact Maria Colunga  Maria Colunga Developmental Preschool E.A.
Contact Mariana Diaz  Mariana Diaz Developmental Preschool E.A.
Contact Karin Navas  Karin Navas Developmental Preschool E.A.
Kindergarten Teachers
Contact Nayana Cohenour  Nayana Cohenour Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Rebecca Horne  Rebecca Horne Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Michael Lovato  Michael Lovato Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Evangeline Oliker  Evangeline Oliker Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Katherine Williams  Katherine Williams Kindergarten Teacher
Kindergarten Educational Assistants
Contact Evelyn Marquez Aceves  Evelyn Marquez Aceves Kindergarten E.A.
Contact Carrie Mellon  Carrie Mellon Kindergarten E.A.
Contact Olivia Padilla  Olivia Padilla Kindergarten E.A.
Contact Nicole Perry  Nicole Perry Kindergarten E.A.
Contact Laura Theiler  Laura Theiler Kindergarten E.A.
Contact Jennifer Valle Palacios  Jennifer Valle Palacios Kindergarten E.A.
First Grade Teachers
Contact Jennifer Caswell  Jennifer Caswell (505) 292-6707 ex: 10020 First Grade Teacher
Contact Madison Lewis  Madison Lewis First Grade Teacher
Contact Lisa Maynes  Lisa Maynes First Grade Teacher
Contact Joel Molay  Joel Molay First Grade Teacher
Contact Monique Rosales  Monique Rosales First Grade Teacher
Second Grade Teachers
Contact Louie Anaya  Louie Anaya Second Grade Teacher
Contact Vicki Aragon  Vicki Aragon Second Grade Teacher
Contact Sarah Bitner  Sarah Bitner Second Grade Teacher
Contact Nicole Miner  Nicole Miner Second Grade Teacher
Contact Cecilia Pike  Cecilia Pike Second Grade Teacher
Third Grade Teachers
Contact Julia Martinez  Julia Martinez Third Grade Teacher
Contact Dallas Mccallon  Dallas Mccallon Third Grade Teacher
Contact Gayety Payne  Gayety Payne (505) 292-6707 ex: 10007 Third Grade Teacher
Contact Jill Stewart  Jill Stewart Third Grade Teacher
Fourth Grade Teachers
Contact Kristina Anderson  Kristina Anderson Fourth Grade Teacher
Contact Jared Congdon  Jared Congdon Fourth Grade Teacher
Contact Valerie Holton  Valerie Holton Fourth Grade Teacher
Contact Loretta Murphy  Loretta Murphy Fourth Grade Teacher
Contact Holley Spears  Holley Spears Fourth Grade Teacher
Fifth Grade Teachers
Contact Jason Buchen  Jason Buchen Fifth Grade Teacher
Contact Abby Carlson  Abby Carlson Fifth Grade Teacher
Contact Lori Cooper  Lori Cooper Fifth Grade Teacher
Contact Kitrean Gonzales  Kitrean Gonzales Fifth Grade Teacher
Technology Teacher
Contact Sarah Cornell  Sarah Cornell Technology Teacher
Physical Education Teachers (PE)
Contact Jodie Clarke  Jodie Clarke PE Teacher
Contact John Whalen  John Whalen PE Teacher
Music Teachers
Contact Dawn Perez  Dawn Perez Music Teacher
Contact Catherine Woo  Catherine Woo Music Teacher
Support Staff
Contact Bethany Balzis  Bethany Balzis Physical Therapist
Contact Randy Butler  Randy Butler Occupational Therapist
Contact Sherry Camp  Sherry Camp Speech Therapist
Contact Gretchen Shore  Gretchen Shore Occupational Therapist
Contact Ingrid Wellman  Ingrid Wellman Speech Therapist
Contact Theresa Adams  Theresa Adams Reading Specialist
Contact Stephan Brunet  Stephan Brunet Math Interventionist
Contact Natasha Mcginnis  Natasha Mcginnis Resource Teacher
Contact Peggy Candelaria  Peggy Candelaria Principal
Assistant Principal
Contact Natalie Sather  Natalie Sather Assistant Principal
Contact Debra Phillips  Debra Phillips Secretary
Contact Lilia Acabal  Lilia Acabal Clerk
Community School Coordinator
Contact Monique Mills  Monique Mills Community Schools Coordinator
School Nurse
Contact Angela Arnold  Angela Arnold Nurse
Contact Elizabeth Chavez  Elizabeth Chavez Nurse Assistant
Contact Jennifer Chavez  Jennifer Chavez School Counselor
Social Worker
Contact Carolyn Quintana  Carolyn Quintana Social Worker
Head Special Education Teacher / Dean of Students
Contact Joann Schmidt  Joann Schmidt Head Special Ed Teacher / Dean of Students
instructional Coach
Contact Susan Collins  Susan Collins Instructional Coach
Contact Shannon Vaughn  Shannon Vaughn Librarian
Special Education
Contact Kristy Baker  Kristy Baker Gifted Teacher
Contact Linden Convery  Linden Convery Kindergarten Special Education Teacher
Contact Carolyn Del Castillo  Carolyn Del Castillo Special Education Teacher
Contact Christina Haberkorn  Christina Haberkorn Special Education Teacher
Contact Melissa Rossbach  Melissa Rossbach Special Education Teacher
Contact Sabrina Somarribas  Sabrina Somarribas Special Education Resource Teacher
Special Education Assistants
Contact Gina Diehl  Gina Diehl Special Education E.A.
Contact Shelsi Filut  Shelsi Filut Special Education E.A.
Contact Olina Talmo  Olina Talmo Special Education E.A.
Contact Theresa Theall  Theresa Theall Special Education E.A.
Contact Chearsten Webb  Chearsten Webb Special Education E.A.
Cafeteria Manager
Contact Monica Gurule  Monica Gurule Cafeteria Manager
Contact Max Baca  Max Baca Custodian
Contact Cara Buffalohead  Cara Buffalohead Custodian
Contact Rosa Mendiola  Rosa Mendiola Custodian
Contact Guillermo Nevarez  Guillermo Nevarez Custodian