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5th grade

5th Grade

5-1    HOMEWORK HELP: EasyBib: Bibliography Composer

5-2    HOMEWORK HELP: Mathway: Problem Solver

5-3    LEARNING GAMES: A Game A Day

5-4    LEARNING GAMES: School Time Games

5-5    LEARNING GAMES: The Kids Know It

5-6    LITERACY: Compare & Contrast Map

5-7    LITERACY: Free Rice

5-8  LITERACY: Into the Book: Comprehension

5-9   LITERACY: Lay & Lie I

5-10   LITERACY: Lay & Lie II

5-11   LITERACY: Literary Element

5-12   LITERACY: Merriam-Webster's Word Central

5-13   LITERACY: Parts of Speech

5-14   LITERACY: Persuasion Map

5-15   LITERACY: Power Proofreading

5-16   LITERACY: Story Characters

5-17  LITERACY: Story Elements II

5-18   LITERACY: Tween Tribune

5-19  LITERACY: Vocabulary Fun

5-20  LITERACY: Vocabulary In Context

5-21  LITERACY: Wacky Web Tales

5-22  LITERACY: Word Choice

5-23  MATH: Billy Bug

5-24  MATH: Decifractator

5-25  MATH: Decimal Darts

5-26  MATH: Decimal Speedway

5-27  MATH: Decimals of the Caribbean

5-28  MATH: Fraction & Decimal Match

5-29  MATH: Grid Graph

5-30   MATH: Math Games

5-31  MATH: Math is Fun

5-32  MATH: Math 6 Spy Guys

5-33  MATH:

5-34  MATH: Multiply Fractions

5-35  MATH: Powerlines

5-36  MATH: Reflections

5-37  KEYBOARDING: Free Typing Games

5-38  SCIENCE: Ology

5-39  SCIENCE: Fantastic Contraption

5-40  SCIENCE: NOVA|Absolute Zero|States of Matter

5-41  SCIENCE: The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits

5-42  SCIENCE: Wonderville

5-43  GEOGRAPHY: United States History Map

5-44  LITERACY & SOCIAL STUDIES: Winged Sandals

5-45  SOCIAL STUDIES: Colonial Williamsburg

5-46  SOCIAL STUDIES: GeoGames

5-47  SOCIAL STUDIES: History For Kids

5-48  SOCIAL STUDIES: Jamestown Online Advent.

5-49  SOCIAL STUDIES: MapMSG - Statetris - USA

5-50  SOCIAL STUDIES: Oregon Trail Game

5-51  SOCIAL STUDIES: Our Documents

5-52  SOCIAL STUDIES: USA Capitals Map Match

5-53  SOCIAL STUDIES: USA Geography

5-54  THINKING: Inference Riddle Game

5-55  THINKING: Sequence Game


5-57  THINKING: Quiz Your Noodle

5-58  THINKING: Invention Suspension

5-59  THINKING: Inventor IQ Match